About the Legacy Education Achievement Plan (LEAP)

Designed for medium to long term savers, LEAP is an investment plan that is balanced between capital preservation and appreciation.

By allowing you to save towards all the stages of your child's educational journey, LEAP facilitates the fulfilment of your child's dreams and aspirations.

LEAP Terms:
  • The minimum initial subscription to open an account is $500
  • Bonus units will be given at the rate of 5% of initial subscriptions of $1,000 up to an initial subscription of $5,000*
  • Subsequent to the initial subscription, the Plan requires minimum monthly subscriptions of $100
  • Periodic lump sum payments are permitted at any time
  • Easy ways to invest via ACH form and salary deduction
  • The Plan can be opened from birth for a child (providing the birth certificate is available)
  • As an additional benefit, investors will receive discounts at select merchants once the account is maintained for over three months.

*Special conditions apply